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Our complimentary white papers draw on our primary research findings to provide you information on critical life sciences topics. Please fill out the short form accompanying each white paper in the list below. You will then be directed to links to the downloadable PDFs.

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Latest White Papers

    Bring Personalized Medicine to the Forefront of Clinical Trials with Aggregated n-of-1 Trials 2014

    The life sciences industry is slowly shifting its focus from creating blockbuster drugs to rare diseases and personalized medicine. However, randomized controlled trials — the standard in clinical research — may not be the best trial design to meet these needs because they require large sample sizes and do not offer many incentives for participation. Instead, single-patient multiple crossover trials (called n-of-1 trials) may be a good alternative for companies studying small patient populations. In these trials, a patient alternates between treatment methods (or the treatment and a placebo) to determine which is most effective for the individual patient. Companies or CROs can aggregate multiple n-of-1 trials to both study small patient groups and to highlight personalized medicine in clinical research.

    Embracing ePro to Improve Data Quality and Support Big Data Strategies in Clinical Development 2014

    Rapidly growing technology and informatics capabilities are fueling operations throughout life science companies. Clinical teams are more readily looking to electronic data capture systems and other digital capabilities to streamline clinical trials. To create truly impactful findings whilealso decreasing the cost and duration of clinical studies, many pharmaceutical companies look to Big Data strategies. However, metric-heavy findings are nt enough to support product success in today’s healthcare market. Companies are also looking to electronic patient-reported outcomes (ePROs) to inform clinical findings

    New Digital Marketing in the US: It's Been a Long Journey, But [Most of] the Draft Guidance is Finally Here 2014

    Over the years, digital marketing and e-pharma-oriented conferences have focused on pharmaceutical and device companies’ forays into social media. These meetings show that previous lack of regulatory guidance has not hindered companies’ enthusiasm for new digital initiatives. Now that many life science companies have developed innovative platforms, dedicated teams have begun strategizing how to best leverage existing channels to target key patient — and more recently, physician — audiences. As companies continue to familiarize themselves with an array of social media platforms, the FDA has initiated steps to regulate companies’ online activities.

    Preparing for Successful Clinical Advisory Boards: Aim for Clear Objectives, Targeted Recruitment, and Skillful Moderators 2014

    Conducting effective advisory boards relies on several factors, including getting the right group of experts together, asking them the right questions, and guiding the conversation toward useful solutions. All of these goals can be achieved via thorough preparation before the meeting even begins. Depending on how companies manage their advisory board activities, in-house and external groups must coordinate some of these efforts. All involved parties, however, should understand the importance of laying the groundwork for these meetings. Even as parts of the pharma industry consider the move toward online solutions for their advisory board needs, many of these steps will remain part of the process of setting up meetings.