Counter-Generics Strategies

With patents expiring right and left, pharmaceutical companies are looking for every possible tool to slow revenue losses. Counter-generic strategies are one method to maintain market share, however temporary. Even a period of six months when no generic versions can enter the market, as pediatric exclusivity grants, can mean a difference of millions or even billions of dollars. Continue reading

Alliance Management Depends on Transparent Communication, Relationships

Eric Bolesh, commercialization and alliance management expert
By Eric Bolesh,
Senior Director

In collaborations among pharmaceutical and biotech companies, conflicts inevitably arise — and they can spring from a host of different factors. Here are several of the most common issues that we hear about in our research:

  • Unrealistic clinical/commercial goals
  • Limiting market factors
  • Lack of staff buy-in
  • Clashing corporate cultures
  • Science that does not meet endpoints
  • Poor patent protections
  • Unclear deal structure
  • Limited communication and coordination
  • Lack of leadership involvement

Some of these problems might be addressed through — or even prevented by — effective alliance management. Continue reading

Communicating the Value of Innovation through Health Economics Analysis

By Shaylyn Pike,
Senior Research Analyst

Once upon a time, a brand team’s quest ended at marketing approval; revenues would take care of themselves. Fast forward 20 years, and the industry faces a much more challenging road to brand success. Receiving marketing authorization has become just another stage to complete. The more crucial step now is gaining and keeping the desired level of reimbursement.

A growing reliance on insurance companies and government payers to cover the cost of therapy has led to increased scrutiny of drug and device prices and benefits. With increases in patient populations and disease prevalence, payers no longer turn a blind eye to rising prices necessary to recoup product development costs. To successfully maintain their business model Continue reading

Portfolio Managers Need to Think at Least 10 Years Ahead

By Michelle Vitko,
Research Analyst

The earlier pharmaceutical companies begin mapping out their portfolio management options, the more strategies will be available to them and the more success they will have in general. In fact, a senior director at a top 50 pharma company that I recently spoke with told me Continue reading

Defense Against the Patent Cliff

This is the first entry in a series that will focus on countering generic competition and preserving pharmaceutical brand revenue.

Much has been made about the slew of drugs that face the loss of patent protection in 2011. In all, experts estimate that $30 billion in branded drug revenue could dwindle away due to pharmaceutical generics competition in the next few years. Blockbuster brands like Pfizer’s Lipitor, Lilly’s Zyprexa, AstraZeneca’s Seroquel and Ortho McNeil’s Levaquin all have U.S. patents expiring in 2011. Continue reading