Cutting Edge Information is excited to announce the release of its 2023 FMV rates! This database is our most statistically robust set of FMV rates, built on more than 235,000 data points collected from real-world rate cards and survey responses. Our hourly FMV rates for HCP engagements include more than 270 Specialist, Non-Specialist, Non-MD and Non-HCP titles across more than 125 countries.

The 2023 database contains additional FMV rates for HCP titles not previously published in earlier releases:

  • Medical Toxicologist (MD)
  • Medical Toxicologist (MD – Pediatric)
  • Clinical Toxicologist (PhD)

If you are striving to meet your HCP engagement compliance goals, consider working with Cutting Edge Information – the leader in commercial FMV data.  Deployed by more than 300 life sciences companies, including more than 20 of the Top 25 Pharmaceutical companies (as ranked by PharmaExec), our data is considered the industry gold standard. Contact us today to learn more about our 2023 FMV database.