About Cutting Edge Information

Cutting Edge Information (CEI) is a market research company that specializes in collecting and analyzing global FMV data. To CEI, collecting and analyzing FMV data is not an ancillary function, but our primary focus.

Our in-house team of statisticians and research analysts worked with life science industry experts to develop our methodology.  This market-based FMV approach includes a rigorous annual collection of FMV data and a proprietary statistical process (including blending with salary data, where available) resulting in the most accurate FMV rates on the market.

The 2021 FMV database is based on more than 100,000 observations from around the world—allowing us to provide data in more countries and on more HCPs than anyone else.

Why Use CEI?

More than 20 of the Top 25 Pharmaceutical Companies use our data and 8 of the Top 25 have selected us as their “Provider of Choice” for worldwide data.

For more than a decade, Cutting Edge Information has been a go-to data and competitive intelligence resource for large and small pharmaceutical, medical device and other life sciences companies. 

Furthermore, we’re not a faceless information provider.  We’re here to answer our clients’ questions before and after they obtain data from us.  We want our clients to make the best decisions for their teams and organizations, and we believe our data can help them do that. 

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