Summer is an exciting time of year for CEI as we kick-off our annual Fair Market Value (FMV) Survey of Payments to Healthcare Professionals (HCPs). This year’s survey is particularly important given the worldwide economic changes brought on by the lingering Covid-19 pandemic and the military invasion of Ukraine. A robust response to our survey will ensure we capture the true tenor of recent changes to HCP compensation by industry stakeholders.

Our FMV database is the most expansive and defensible market-based rate data in the world. From a compliance perspective, we believe our rates are more defensible than salary-based rates because they are built directly from industry rates paid to HCPs instead of proxy metrics. CEI’s fair market value rates are established using globally consistent methodology that relies on the data collected annually from life sciences companies around the world.  Your input helps to accurately reflect the nuances of therapeutic specialties across varying localities, activities, and levels of HCP influence. The analysis of this year’s research will be used to build our 2023 FMV database, available in late January 2023.

Completing the survey takes only minutes and participants receive a complimentary set of FMV rates from Cutting Edge Information’s 2022 database as a thank you. Our survey is open to qualified individuals from pharmaceutical and medical device companies of all sizes. If you have not yet received an invitation to participate, please click here to determine if you are eligible.