Cutting Edge Information is in the process of refreshing its Fair Market Value (FMV) compensation data for HCP engagements and your input is critical in making that happen. Help our team and yours by taking our survey and contributing to the most robust and detailed HCP compensation database available today. Completing the survey generally takes less than 20 minutes and, in exchange, participating respondents can receive complimentary rates from Cutting Edge Information’s 2020 database. That’s right, you can gain access to our most up to date compensation data and inform future decisions regarding HCP compensation for a number of different activities.

FMV tables aside, your input also ensures the addition of objective, third-party datapoints. This helps to accurately reflect the nuances of therapeutic specialties across varying localities, levels of KOL influence and KOL activities. Companies of all sizes and types can benefit from completing the survey – doing so promotes transparency and compliance among the greater life science industry.

So, join hundreds of your peers that have already taken the FMV survey! Contact one of our relationship managers to determine your eligibility. Or click here to sign up to participate.