It is an exciting time of year for Cutting Edge Information. We recently began conducting our annual Fair Market Value (FMV) Survey of Payments to Healthcare Professionals. Help our team and yours by taking the survey and contributing to the most robust and detailed HCP compensation database available today. Completing the survey takes only minutes and you will receive a complimentary set of rates from Cutting Edge Information’s 2021 database, as a thank you.

As if receiving a free set of our most up-to-date compensation data wasn’t enough, you are also contributing to the most expansive and defensible market based FMV rate data in the world. Your input, combined with that of others in the life sciences industry, helps to accurately reflect the nuances of therapeutic specialties across varying localities, levels of KOL influence, and KOL activities. Companies of all sizes and types can benefit from completing the survey – doing so enables us to provide the industry with detailed data to use in achieving the balance of setting rates that are both competitive and compliant.

So, join hundreds of your peers that have already contributed. To ensure the data collected is valid and meets our high-quality standards, we only accept information from qualified individuals. To determine your eligibility to participate, click here.