Compliance Companion

The Compliance Companion is a series of five reports that provide further insight into utilizing our vast FMV rate database. Specifically, each report equips life science companies with enhanced knowledge to manage HCP compensation on a global scale.

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The Reports

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Rate Alert

This research identifies significant regional shifts in FMV rates. Analysis indicates rate fluctuations so you know when an FMV review might be in order.


China’s crackdown on physician payments since 2016 appears to correlate with a significant drop in overall Chinese compensation rates. This drop is unique among the BRIC emerging markets which are otherwise stable or increasing.

Travel Policy Guidance

Gain insight into current travel management practices for consulting HCPs through our analysis of current HCP compensation trends for travel time and acclimation after long journeys. Learn about common industry practices concerning airfare class and lodging.


Most companies book the same class of travel and hotel accommodation for all HCPs regardless of tiering or specific qualifications.

Trends in HCP Tiering and Segmentation

CEI’s robust data set reveals tier-setting practices around the world. An analysis of 1000+ data points, collected over the past 5 years, offers insights into different tiering approaches and assesses any shifts in HCP categorization.


The number of years of clinical experience expected for an HCP to qualify for Tier 1 or Global Influencer status has dropped 10-20% over the past 3 years.

Key Rate Card Elements

Based on a collection of 80+ rate cards, this analysis reviews rate card design across the industry. Find out about industry practices regarding rate card organization, inclusion of tiering, details surrounding travel compensation and other processes.


Only 25% of rate cards provide explicit instructions on how to manage prep time or travel time for HCPs.

Exceptions Process Essentials

Explore the exceptions processes that companies use to meet the compensation standards of HCPs outside of existing rate card structures. Delve into the criteria and procedures that differentiate exceptional rates from those paid to regular HCPs.


On average less than 10% of contracted HCPs are paid compensation above the standard rate card recommendation.