Enhance your HCP compensation process with further insight

In response to today’s heightened government scrutiny and market changes, life sciences companies are formalizing their HCP engagement and payment processes. Cutting Edge Information produces reports that supplement our FMV data to better equip clients with the knowledge necessary to manage HCP compensation on a global scale.

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Meet today’s transparency standards. Safeguard against future compliance challenges.

Recent Examples Include

  • FMV Rate Alert
    This annual review identifies significant regional shifts in FMV rates. For example, in 2022, the Rate Alert identified increasing FMV rates for both the US and OUS markets as well as increasing compensation for certain rare disease and surgical titles. In general, the report alerts companies to areas where an FMV review might be in order, prior to a formal “refresh” of their entire FMV rate structure.

  • Impacts on HCP Engagements
    CEI also issues special reports on events impacting HCP compensation and engagement practices. A recent 2021 report was “Post COVID-19 HCP Engagements: Understanding the Impact of Virtual Events.”

  • Travel Policy Guidance
    This analysis provides an overview of travel management for engaged HCPs. The research provides current trends around compensating HCPs for travel time and acclimation after long journeys. It also details industry practices concerning airfare class and lodging.

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