Enhance your HCP compensation process with further insights

CEI’s large, diverse client base and longstanding relationships uniquely position us to offer unparalleled access to insights, best practices and lessons learned from some of the most experienced and highly regarded FMV program experts working in the life sciences today.

This deep industry knowledge allows our subject matter experts to share best practices when setting your company’s rates and policies. Our onboarding team provides support during rate deployment and can answer a wide range of questions as your business engages the services of external HCP consultants/experts.

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Meet today’s transparency standards. Safeguard against future compliance challenges.

Recent Examples Include

  • Interpreting and utilizing CEI’s FMV rates

  • Building engagement fees for speaker programs and other activities

  • Understanding the impact of legislated and unlegislated rate caps on HCP compensation

  • Developing travel compensation policy guidance

  • Tackling a variety of stakeholder questions through a global rate rollout

  • Introducing strategies for influencer compensation

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