Introducing an enhanced feature for FMVConnect PRO users

FMVConnect PRO® delivers our industry-leading FMV rate data along with additional tools to aid users in easily making engagement offers to Healthcare Professionals (HCPs). PRO builds on our advanced cloud platform by initially adding the HCP Fee Calculator®, equipped with a full set of adjustments to compensate for travel, training and prep time for virtual or in-person activities.

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Easily determine a complete HCP engagement value.

HCP Fee Calculator Features

  • Specify exact activity, training and prep time durations for various events including virtual and in-person engagements

  • Customize travel compensation calculations to align with your company’s policies
  • Utilize role premiums where appropriate
  • Document additional context to ensure fee transparency
  • Leverage current exchange rates to reflect current market conditions
  • Generate a detailed compensation summary for compliance documentation

For more information on FMVConnect PRO or the HCP Fee Calculator, click here to contact Cutting Edge Information.