Good news! The Cutting Edge Information team has implemented new features to improve the user interface for our Fair Market Value (FMV) Connect product. This latest version of FMVConnect aims to make our clients’ access to their HCP compensation data more convenient and more customizable.

The new features of FMVConnect are available now and include:

  • The “Locations Rates at a Glance” tab lets users view the base hourly rate for a given location and all titles available in that location. This feature also provides the corresponding data year for these rates.
  • The “Rate Display Settings” tab provides additional options for a user to customize their FMVConnect display. Users can:
    • Toggle between real-time and static conversion rates
    • Choose their preferred tier of key opinion leader (KOL)
    • Display certain percentiles instead of the entire range
    • Show a customized list of activity rates instead of all activities available
  • Hover your mouse cursor over rows in an FMV rate table to highlight the data—this simple improvement makes it easier to see the data and to keep your place.

In addition to these new features, our FMVConnect website went through minor changes to update the visual layout. Overall, these updates and features are designed to make users’ experience with FMVConnect more expedient and efficient.

Log on to FMVConnect today to try out these new features or contact one of our relationship managers to set up a demo.