The Gold Standard for Hourly FMV Rate Data

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare professional (HCP) compensation, accurate data is not just a commodity – it’s the currency driving compliance and equitable compensation across the life sciences industry. Cutting Edge Information (CEI) stands at the forefront of this arena, specializing in the collection and analysis of global, fair market value (FMV) rate data.

In 2024, CEI unveils its latest FMV database, derived from more than 250,000 observations gathered worldwide. This expansive dataset enables us to offer hourly FMV rates across more countries and more HCPs than any other organization in the field. With more than 280 titles spanning across more than 125 countries (including 140+ specialist titles, 115+ general & non-MD HCP titles and 25+ non-HCP titles), CEI’s database is a comprehensive resource for stakeholders navigating the complexities of global compensation strategies.

In addition to being our most robust database yet, the 2024 FMV Database has the following notable characteristics:

  1. The three-year average change shows increases in rates in most geographic regions. From 2021 to 2024, the US average rates increased 12.6% and the average increases across most OUS regions ranged from 5% to 15%.
  2. In the US, surgical specialties continue to receive the highest hourly rates. Furthermore, in the US, more specialty rates climbed above $500 per hour for Tier 1 HCPs than in the past.
  3. The variability of rates paid across therapeutic specialties decreased in almost all regions.

As we navigate the intricacies of the FMV landscape, CEI remains steadfast in our mission to empower stakeholders with the most updated, expansive and universally accepted FMV rates. The 2024 FMV Database raises the standard for excellence in FMV, and if you would like to gain access to our strongest database yet, contact us here.