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We're excited to announce that Eric Bolesh, COO of Cutting Edge Information, will be participating on a panel discussion on February 23, 2022. This event is hosted by the Patient Engagement Open Forum. The PE Open Forum is jointly organized by PFMD, EUPATI and EPF to provide a patient-centred environment for co-creation of solutions with and by all involved stakeholders to practice and advance patient engagement (PE). REGISTER FOR THIS EVENT Demystifying the methodology to determine market value when remunerating the patient [...]

Dear Friends and Colleagues: We are excited to share Pharma Tech Outlook's 2021 Compliance Edition, which names the top Compliance Solution Providers for the Life Sciences industry. Our very own Chief Operating Officer, Eric Bolesh, is on the cover! You can read all about Cutting Edge and his conversation with the magazine in the cover story here. Before the music plays us off the stage, we must humbly thank you, our clients and partners, for working with us and helping us achieve this [...]

COVID-19 and HCP Engagements: Understanding the Impact of Virtual Events Tuesday, September 14 at 10am ET Click Here to Register for This Webinar Learn about the results of CEI’s recent survey on virtual events and what HCP engagements have looked like throughout the pandemic — and will likely look like in the future. Join Eric Bolesh and Jacob Presson on Tuesday, September 14 at 10am ET for an insightful webinar presentation. In this session: Hear how different regions of the world reacted to [...]

July 29, 2020 -  It is an exciting time of year for Cutting Edge Information. We recently began conducting our annual Fair Market Value (FMV) Survey of Payments to Healthcare Professionals. Help our team and yours by taking the survey and contributing to the most robust and detailed HCP compensation database available today. Completing the survey takes only minutes and you will receive a complimentary set of rates from Cutting Edge Information’s 2021 database, as a thank you. As if receiving a free [...]

October 1, 2020 -  A recent Cutting Edge Information webinar—which you can view by clicking here—focused on some of the key considerations to account for when deploying healthcare provider (HCP) compensation rates across a life sciences organization. Examples of these considerations include whether to take a global- vs. country-specific approach in distributing fair market value (FMV) rates or whether to pay an HCP a flat rate for a given engagement vs. an hourly rate. Disseminating HCP compensation rates within an organization is not [...]

August 18, 2020 -  Companies have many factors to consider when switching from in-person to online events. Much of the corporate world is still feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the life sciences industry is no exception. For companies in this sector, one major point of concern stems from organizing present and future speaker programs with contracted key opinion leaders (KOLs). In January 2020, the majority of KOL speaker programs would have been held in person; however, stay-at-home orders and social [...]

August 12, 2020 -  Cutting Edge Information is in the process of refreshing its Fair Market Value (FMV) compensation data for HCP engagements and your input is critical in making that happen. Help our team and yours by taking our survey and contributing to the most robust and detailed HCP compensation database available today. Completing the survey generally takes less than 20 minutes and, in exchange, participating respondents can receive complimentary rates from Cutting Edge Information’s 2020 database. That’s right, you can gain [...]

May 28, 2020 -  A previous Cutting Edge Information blog post discussed that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) would provide flexibility for companies when reporting Open Payments data. More recently, the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced further action regarding HCP transfer of value regulations to help combat the situation associated with COVID-19. First made public on March 13 and more recently amended on May 15, blanket waivers issued by the HHS provide exemptions for a number [...]

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